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Adelaide, Australia


Credit - Chelsea Johnsson




VISION is an artist who enjoys experimentation and producing music that joyously swings from purposefully distasteful and unrefined to alluring and enlightening, regularly blurring the lines between reality and her own world. Her E.P is In My Own World, defines VISION's battle with society, the loss of people she loves, and the vision she is trying to engulf for her future as well as the obstacles she has encountered. I was super excited to find out more about VISION and her vision and I'm so glad that I did! Let's go through this project track by track. Shall we...





VISION opens her 8-track EP with 'Pockets (Interlude). This track shocked me! I don't know why, I think it's because it's EXACTLY aligned with my soul. This opening piece brings soulful vocal chops along with VISION's hard hip-hop rap flow that is accompanied by smooth keys. Entering into the main body of the project, 'New Bounce' doesn't hold anything back. VISION goes straight in to show the world EXACTLY what a strong female sounds like. Strength is found in the lyrics, the execution of those words, AND the trap loop samples. Track 3 entitled 'Engine' slows things right down but doesn't take anything away from the fierceness of this artist. Midway through the album, we're given 'Lost'. Haunting in the opening we hear distant and revered vocal chops both high pitched and deep. This really gets the listener to pay attention to the meaning behind the track and gives us a sense of being lost in a realm that we don't really want to stay in. VISION makes a lot of confessions through the lyrical content of this one. As the piece comes to a close we're given a fade out of strings and keys that really leave you reflecting. I personally felt a real connection with the feel of the track and the words. 'Lost' is my favorite track on this project so far hands down. Track 5, 'Carnival' brings something special to the project in the form of an instrumental by LexNour. As someone who is familiar with LexNour's work I was super excited when I heard his name tag. As VISION brings her lyrics into play we feel EVERY SINGLE WORD. I love how reflective VISION is and how she goes about voicing those reflections, they hit differently. 'Numb' slows things back down with a trap soul feel. Classic RnB, Soul, and Trap are brought into the production whilst VISION once again shares her spiritual vision. The penultimate piece on this project is called 'Exotic'. This track got me excited in all sorts of ways from the exotic Spanish-infused guitar to the heavy 808s and OH MY GOD let's not forget the appearance from T MaddZ. The energy between VISION and T MaddZ is incredible! Ending the project is 'No Lie'. This track opens with the ringing of a phone before VISION gives whoever is on the other line her answer through her lyrics. This project is incredible! Packed with strong feminine energy, pure VISIONs, and fierceness. It was only right that several of these tracks made the Tamara Jenna's Top Picks playlist as well as our main TJPL NEWS playlist. I'm really eager to hear more from this artist. This is a project for women all over the globe and beyond so, women, make sure you check this out! and to everyone else, you need to hear it too!



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