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FIBRES Shared Hallucinations': A Debut Album Blending Indie Melodies with Profound Experiences

Album cover of FIBRES' debut 'Shared Hallucinations'
Album cover of FIBRES' debut 'Shared Hallucinations'
FIBRES: A Sonic Journey Through Coma and Consciousness

Emerging from the architectural corridors of Manchester, FIBRES is not your ordinary indie band. Comprising the dynamic duo of Chris Potter (vocals) and Dan Barnes (guitars), this ensemble has crafted an auditory canvas that transcends mere musical boundaries. Their debut album, "Shared Hallucinations," is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, born from the depths of a coma and the lively conversations of a local pub.

Chris and Dan's camaraderie blossomed in an unlikely place—an architectural practice in Manchester. Their shared love for the 80s and 90s alternative music scene laid the foundation for FIBRES. When the world quieted down during the lockdown, they turned to technology, composing tracks via iPad and sharing ideas over Dropbox. It was during this period that they teamed up with producer Darryll McFadyen, a pivotal move that would breathe life into their nascent creations.

The album's soul-stirring essence is deeply intertwined with Dan's personal ordeal—a two-week coma during the lockdown. This experience, described as a three-month-long journey of surreal experiences due to ICU delirium, became a wellspring of inspiration for the album. It's a rare glimpse into the mind's eye during moments of unconsciousness, transformed into music.

Chris Potter's vocal prowess is not just about melodies but also about evoking thought and emotion. He juxtaposes his reflections on the human condition with a touch of humor, a trait that gives the album its unique character. His voice weaves through the guitar riffs, creating a tapestry of sound that is both deep and resonant.

So, let's get into the nitty gritty then! "Some Things Gone" grows slowly, almost blossoming from an industrial meets classical opening. It's suspenseful yet sweet, cinematic yet calm in its opening. The main body, is vocally deep with a full bodied production.

"Beautiful Lie" also blossoms into itself like a bud to a flower before your eyes. The vocals are deep and resonate true to classic rock, the production mixing the depth and tone of classic rock laced with synth-rock for a modern twist.

"Cycles" mixes synth indie rock into a new yet old collage. The Killers comes to mind here. "The Sequence We Follow" continues to lift the mood into a modern era before "Contain Control" reimagines the direction of the album completely. Bordering on hard rock, listeners can expect to hear a new offering from the band. One that surprisingly fits in!

Back to the calm - " Receptor Rendevouz" somewhat offers an offbeat in places yet dream-pop production. It's dreamy, easy to listen to, and enjoyable full-bodied. "We Are A Process" echos The Killers once more, it's a nostalgic ode to 90s/00s synth rock.

Again, the album isn't without its spontaneous inclusions. Another such track is "We Are A Process" an alternative rock that meets electronic experimentation full of elongated vocals and guitar solos.

"Latency" returns to an upbeat projection where backing vocals sweep throughout the piece along with a hint of Banghra composition. Absolutely superb creativity and execution. Moving on to the penultimate piece "These Human Eyes" offers a pop rock radio-ready production. "It Follows Me" closes the album with a sense of contemplation, reflection, and resilience. It's a slow piece with a lot to offer.

"Shared Hallucinations" is a mosaic of indie guitar riffs and melodic vocals. Recorded at Rockfield and mixed at Darryll’s studio in Fife, each track is a narrative in itself, reflecting the duo's influences from 80s and 90s alternative music.

Hitting all streaming platforms on 30th November 2023, "Shared Hallucinations" looks to be a groundbreaking debut for FIBRES thus far due to their invitation to explore the depths of human consciousness through the lens of indie rhythms and profound storytelling.

FIBRES, with their debut "Shared Hallucinations," stands at the forefront of a new wave of indie music. It's a blend of personal history, artistic expression, and musical innovation—a rare find in today's music scene. Offering an experience through the labyrinth of the human mind, and a celebration of life's unexpected turns, "Shared Hallucinations" offers a sense of solidarity amongst madness.

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