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Oklahoma City, United States

Credit - Qazi Islam

‘Kismat’ is the latest single from lofi-rap duo Finite Galaxy, consisting of Sun Deep and Flo St8. The sound that lives on the single is a rampaging technicoloured rhythmic powerhouse. It blossoms rather than builds. At the start, there’s the bass, the rising rhythm but still, the song is a bud. Then the rest of the backing breaks in and it begins to grow. Shooting up from the earth and becoming worldly in its textures and melodies. When the vocals set in with their rhythms is when the flower blooms. Scents and sounds fill the air and you have whisked away around the world. Lofi hip-hop and rap were born to take heed of one another. ‘Kismat’ is an example of blissful musical fusion.

There are two languages present in the sound of Finite Galaxy with Sun Deep rapping primarily in Hindi and Flo St8 rapping primarily in English. The sounds and rhythms of the languages are beautifully unique and will keep me coming back to Finite Galaxy again and again.


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