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Folk Meets Soul in 'Glory Be' by Jeán et Joie – A Blissful Melodic Journey of Comfort and Wisdom

‘Glory Be’ is a song that takes the passion of folk and drives it through the solemn side of soul. With blissful vocals that chime and harmonise with the instrumental, Jeán et Joie are dealing with melodies and textures that we can all connect with and that we can all fall in love with. Once the beat is rolling off that snare snap and the flow is in your hands, the whole track begins to flow. The bass in the back dictates the speed, whilst the guitar, plucked with affectionate poise, lists and dances in the wind. The melody drops in curves like a swallow, picking up wisdom as it does so. By the time it graces the chorus on high, it is golden, free and new.

Jeán et Joie have honed in on this sound and they are exceedingly good at it. The single feels right, it hits all of the peak moments and it plays with the light of the day. It’s forgiving, bluesy in parts and folky in others, yet it is always smooth. For a song that makes you think, makes you feel, and makes you comfortable, look no further than the homely tones and charm of ‘Glory Be.’



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