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What Price A Smile

London, United Kingdom

Frank Joshua returns with his freshly released first single from his upcoming second album 'Talk Of Things' (Which will be released in Jan 2023).

The London-based EDM artist always seems to play the right record! The dance anthem that is ‘What Price A Smile’ is one for the limbs and the heart. So, dance away, this is going to get messy!

This musical alchemist has managed to work up a spellbinding production that combines dark lyrics that speak of the sadness of miscommunication with the deliberately obtuse. Elegant vocals pave the way to a land of magic.

Speaking of magic, this is the 19th release from Frank Joshua over the last two years – a classic example of musicians who used the lockdown during Covid 19 to their hand. Sorcery.

Amongst watching the video for this release, I was mesmerised, unable to take my eyes away to write this piece. The way that the video transitions in a flawless storytelling experience, the words and images match the frequency of hypnosis.

Mixes of electronic pop with a dark vocal provide one side to the multidimensional whilst the triggering melodic house bass lifts the production in places that need a boost. A great release, a brilliant artist and certainly one on my radar! – TAMARA JENNA

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