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I'll Wait

London, United Kingdom

London-based producer, songwriter and artist Gary Mictian combines his influences to create his unique vision.

Bridging the genres of electronic pop, dystopian sci-fi and cinematic sounds, the works of Mictian merge modern production techniques to create a world of his own making. Using his strengths, the art of harmonisation and melody stands out as something in which the artist excels within his craft. His work, a sound that is for fans of artists such as Charli XCX and The Weeknd, and his vocals, a four-octave range with a distinctive arrangement.

‘I’ll Wait’ is the title of Michian’s latest release, a song with a distinctive and glitchy DnB beat, awesome vocal chops and a whole storytelling ability within. The rawness of the piece lies within the honest lyrical content whereas the production aims to infect the mind with its upbeat scales.

Discussing the failure to break away from past habits of self-sabotaging any potential for a great relationship is the key theme within this piece. Now, where do I even start with how all of these elements combine? This is a song that you have to hear to understand. It’s a whole metaphysical experience within the temporality of sound.

An absolute banger! Chart ready, better than most of the songs within the UK Top 20 at the moment, and I have never said that about any song! Gary Mictian is an artist that is destined for greatness! – TAMARA JENNA


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