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GENEVIEVE SOVEREIGN - Life Soaked Reveal (feat. Ben Tenison) - LATEST RELEASE


Life Soaked Reveal (feat. Ben Tenison)

Melbourne, Australia

Credit - Genevieve Sovereign

Genevieve Sovereign returns to TJPL NEWS with their latest release ‘Life Soaked Reveal’ in collaboration with Ben Tenison. This electronic dream pop production intertwines the poetic lyricism of Sovereign with the beat-making talents of Tenison.

‘Life Soaked Reveal’ was released on Christmas Day in tribute to one of Sovereign’s late friends, Melbourne-based composer Luke Paulding, whom she considers instrumental in setting her along the path of becoming an independent artist - and in whose memory the track has been released.

In an experimental wave of electronic synths, listeners are taken through an explorative set of melodic bell synths and bubbled basslines. The vocals of Sovereign are angelic, leaning towards alternative pop. The contrast between the two vocalists compliment each other well.

This is a progressive track which weaves in between dreamy electronic pop and EDM offering listeners several feels to its tempo and key changes that transition flawlessly.

“Treasures lost” is the narrative of the track, bringing its audience into a world of emotion in a few short minutes.

‘Life Soaked Reveal’ is a song that stands out due to its lyricism and pure freedom within its components working together to create a song that you will either love or appreciate the meaning behind or both.



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