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Genevieve Sovereign's 'Present Dreams': A Synth-Laden Spectacle, Blending EDM and Pop

‘Present Dreams (feat. Ben Tenison)’ is the latest single from Genevieve Sovereign and it is a swelteringly hot good time. It’s synth to the core, taking EDM elements and blending them with the ideals of modern pop production. The result is a sound that makes you move whether you want to or not. It’s sharp, it’s a cutting-edge of rhythm and synth. But the good part isn’t where it ends up, it’s how it gets there in the first place.

Genevieve Sovereign takes an idea and gives us the purest form of it. It’s subtle, quaint and a nice time, but it doesn’t give you goosebumps — that comes later. Soon the initial idea flips on its head, then some synth drops in. The bass gives way to a dance floor, the drums come in hard and fast but they don’t take over, they give everything room to breathe. Soon you are lost in a world of colours and textures you have never seen before, you don’t know the way home — you’re not sure you want to leave in the first place. But there’s a guiding light, that first initial idea, it’s still there at the core of it all. It’s more alive than ever. Finding it again feels like reuniting with an old friend and feeling all of those emotions rush back all at once. ‘Present Dreams’ is a delightful song that surprises and delights every step of the way. Spellbinding.



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