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Get Amped Up with Roger Ricks' Energetic Classic Rock Single 'What A Place'

Roger Ricks pumps classic rock like a seasoned pro. His latest single, ‘What A Place,’ is an energetic and massive classic rock track that bursts into the new day feeling fresh, bold, and needed.

Guitar wails in front. It's clean, it's got that blues twang and it’s going for the tone of the gods. The drums smash, crash, blasting volume throughout the stadium. That's when the bass rolls in and the vocals get to work. They hold their own amongst the golden sounds of old. They push the guitar higher, the bass deeper, the drums faster. It’s a world of rock’n’roll and it spins to send you flying.

‘What A Place’ holds positivity at its core. Under all of the leather jackets, the Les Pauls and the hair-raising solos is a feeling of serenity. Roger Ricks is writing rock music you can live to, breathe to and dance to. A bright sound worthy of a bright future. Fantastical.



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