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Manchester, United Kingdom

Credit - Greta Bernotaite

October 21st was a big day for Manchester artists Grete and Bigweld as this was the day, they released their latest track ‘Papercut’.

This dreamy track features some big sounds and varied soundscapes that will have you in your feels and ready to leave your thoughts at the side of the dancefloor, moving like no one is watching. -JASMINE

Kicking off with some extra-terrestrial style sounds encapsulated in some twinkle style synths, that add a beautiful rhythmic feel to it, this frames the first listen of vocals, which are delivered uniquely to the rest of the song, utilising a drawn-out dream style effect before heading into the main of the song where this fast changes to a delivery on the cusp of rap. This excellent track progresses on with a simple, subtle but very effective clap-style beat while that original twinkle synth continues to maintain tempo and rhythm.

This is such an intense track while still maintaining its calm, being carried heavily by the most subtle elements, that as a listener you may miss the first time of listening. It is a very simple yet highly effective track, with catchy lyrics, head-bop-worthy beats an extremely well-produced creating an overall high-quality track.


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