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Emergency Exit

Pittsburgh, United States

Hard rock and fast vocals. It's a marriage made in the underground and the band that played the reception was Griffen Handshake, the guests, the dead, the recently turned rock lovers, all jumping and jiving to their latest single, ‘Emergency Exit’. The song gets everything right. It's bright, the bass is tonal and runs its own melody bracket in the back. The guitars are sharp, fast and cut through the harmonising vocals and the smash of the drums in quick blasts of power chord fuelled punk rock.

The song hits all the staples of good rock, but what keeps it together and what makes it shine is how well the tones blend. The vocal is strong and doesn’t drop key or clarity when it's time to get loud, the guitars and the bass support the vocal effort and it feels so synergistic that the drums seem to punctuate the plosives. ‘Emergency Exit’ by Griffen Handshake is a true rock song by a true rock band.


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