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Into A Boy

Dublin, Ireland

Credit - JP Hofmann

'Into a Boy' by Dublin-based Guiherme Cosme is an experimental production that touches on the themes of mental health childhood trauma and what the artist describes as religious brainwashing.

The video for 'Into a Boy' comes in at over 10 minutes long! Don't be put off by the length, it is a whole existence of one man that has been packed into a short space - think of it as a mini educational and inspirational freedom of expression.

The video is split into parts/themes making it both educational and easier for listeners to grasp the intent behind the words. The first installment guides watchers through 'PART 1 DISORDER' - Here we see an image of the artist as he has his naked back turned to us as demonic vocals haunt through the production. We then watch as a solo dancer expresses his inner demons. 'PART II TRAUMA' sees the artist become fully consumed by his past. 'PART III COPING' is the story of how one deals with what has been done to them.

It's almost like PART 1 expresses being chased by ones demons, PART II sees the artist become consumed by them and PART III shows us his coping mechanisms. The visual screams of emotional taument, not knowing where to put all of those feelings and sections of your being whist giving many people a piece of art that they can relate to. This is a highly conceptual and unique piece both in visuals and in audio. The piece moves backwards in time to paint an image of a man being dragged back into his past and "Into a Boy". Childhood trauma is one of the main places that our minds travel to when we are in pain - we want to know why and what made us the way that we are so that we can excorsise our demons and "fix" ourselves whilst also being haunted by some of the trauma that we may have experienced.

The video and audio combined provides us with something extremely painful - as I watched this video for the first time I felt the artists' pain, it was not only uneasy but also haunting. I love that the artist uses his turmoil as an expression but I equally feel that it has been born out of the most tortured of minds. Either way, art is expression, it is meant to make you feel connected, understood and heard and this is something that Guilherme Cosme has done to the highest standard.

I think that this is something that everybody should watch, not for entertainment but for its educational value and skill. Sometimes horror isn't a movie on a big screen but the imagery that lives inside ones own mind. - TAMARA JENNA


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