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GUT HEALTH Unleashes Their Raw Energy with "Runaway High" from Upcoming EP

GUT HEALTH "Runaway High" Cover Art Featuring a motorbike razor on a turn
GUT HEALTH "Runaway High" Cover Art
GUT HEALTH: Bringing Back 90's Grit with a Modern Twist in "Runaway High"

GUT HEALTH, an alternative rock band based in Worcester, MA, has been making waves in the music industry with their distinctive blend of Grunge and 90s inspired Rock. Formed amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the band comprises talented individuals from diverse musical backgrounds, including members from Ian Sweet, HERRA TERRA, Gloss Goddess, Not Bad Not Well, Cope, and usLights.

Their upcoming release 'EP1,' featuring the standout track "Runaway High," is a testament to their raw and unfiltered musical prowess. Mixed by Jon Markson, known for his work with bands like Drug Church and Soul Blind, and featuring drums by David Haik of Pianos Become The Teeth, this EP promises to be a powerhouse of sound. But for now, let's have a look at their release 'Runaway High'.

Their latest single 'Runaway High' offers a heavy blend of grunge and heavy rock from the get go. Distant vocals weave in and out of the main body of the piece along with distrorted guitar strums and a whole lot of attitude. The vocals distant yet level, enhance the heaviness of the track's instrumentation. A few arrangement changes allow for three distinctive elements of the song to shine through - the heavy, the calm before the storm and the 90s grunge influence.


How does this tie in with GUT HEALTH's overall music? Well, as a band their signature identity is a blend of 90's forward gutter rock and post-hardcore vibes. Their style is characterized by a unique combination of aggression and intellect, often leaving listeners feeling invigorated and reflective. The band draws inspiration from the gritty essence of 90's rock while infusing it with a modern, alternative twist.

The band's lineup is a gathering of experienced musicians, each bringing their unique flair and expertise to the group. Their collaboration with industry veterans like Jon Markson and David Haik further enhances the depth and quality of their music.

Fans can expect 'EP1' to be a raw, energetic, and cerebral experience. With "Runaway High" as a glimpse into the EP, anticipation is building for what is set to be a standout release in the alternative rock genre.

In a music scene often dominated by polished and predictable sounds, GUT HEALTH stands out with their aggressive, gritty, and intellectually stimulating rock music. Expect the unexpected!

Genres: Alternative Rock, Grunge, Post-Hardcore, 90's Rock

Moods: Aggressive, Cerebral, Nostalgic, Gritty, Energetic

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