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Acton, United States

Harshini Magesh a high school senior from Acton, MA has released her first pop single. Composing the lyrics, vocals, arrangement and production completely solo, is something that makes this female artist stand out amongst many.

The title of Magesh’s latest release is ‘Seven’. Choppy bubbles of key synths along with organ strings bring a mix of contrast at the very start of this composition. The slow introduction of electronic drums and bass lifts and drops throughout the piece.

Sweet and layered vocals fill the space beautifully and the sweeping backing layers and harmonies work to bring variety into the track.

‘Seven’ by Harshini Magesh is a dark pop meets dream pop production wrapped up in a cinematic experience. – TAMARA JENNA

This is a chart-ready song, with no criticism or areas for growth. The only thing that could possibly bring something to this production would be a remix version with a male rapper!

The growth of this artist is undeniable, the way that the track has been arranged to the mixing techniques are a true gift both to listeners and to the artist herself.

‘Seven’ has made its way into our Ones2Watch and I’m looking forward to hearing more from this artist!


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