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HERALD K - Echo's Song


Echo's Song

Vienna, Austria

‘Echo’ is a wonderfully melancholy song from the mind of Herald K, with duet vocals from Lina Louise. It shifts and sways in its rhythms, plucked from the wind. A retelling of the story of Narcissus and Echo played with respect, love and wondrous musicality. The story is a treasure to follow, however, on top of a faithful and masterful narrative, is a musical arrangement that could bring you to your knees. It's honest, human and organic. The piano (played by Nikola Stanosevic) and the guitar weave the melodic foundation and the string tones and textures of the nyckelharpa (played by Stephan Steiner) ad-lib and parley with the vocal. The result is a sound that you won’t find anywhere else, set against a mythical backdrop that has been passed down for generations.

‘Echo’ is a song that comes along sparingly. A song from the earth, the history of life upon it, and the human heart, all at once. Herald K has given us spirit music, from a completely different angle.



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