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"Discover the Soul-Stirring Journey of Hilary Fonda's Latest Single: Love's Found Me A Home"

Hilary Fonda has pushed her soul out into the open with her single, ‘Love’s Found Me A Home.’ It builds from a foundation in folk; acoustic guitars and a swinging pace. It's smooth, strolling down a melodic path on the scenic route to feeling. But Hilary Fonda doesn’t stop there, oh no, ‘Love’s Found Me A Home’ is only just beginning.

Strings pulse in the back, soon to burst with textural pleasure. The sighs and cries of the guitar sit below, still audible, adding that soul to the song. The vocals soar. They find those high notes, those perfect harmonies and sit in them, catching them like thermals and taking the melody up that extra level. Then the lyrics catch you as you drop from a great height. They are human, honest and extremely well-written. At the end of it all you are left heartbroken. But then, just when you think it is all over, a change. The song builds again, a key change in the bridge. The hope returns to a lost soul. ‘Love’s Found Me A Home’ is stellar from start to finish. Hilary Fonda’s songwriting style fills us with starlight and hopeful futures.


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