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HIZWAY - It's Not Over


It's Not Over

Kansas City, Mo, United States

Credit - Uptown Productions

‘It’s Not Over’ from Hizway is a hip-hop rap track that is overflowing with passion, filling the room with endless creativity and angst, all the while delivering a message that is ultimately human and hopeful. The backing is rich, brass horns clamour for attention under the beat, building it up to a rich foundation for the vocals to parley upon. When they emerge, clean and confident, the song truly gets underway. With bright lines and a rhythm that is subtle and infectious, you can tell that Hizway has mastered his game and plays it with preternatural skill. The result is tangible, you can hear it in the silence, the presence of a musician that knows his stuff and is ready to unleash it upon the world.

‘It’s Not Over.’ I certainly hope not. With beats and rhythms like these, we could digest endless amounts of Hizway’s music and never be tired of its opalescent charm.



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