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The Heavy Stuff

Los Angeles, United States

Credit - HOBART

HOBART’s latest album is a post-pop-punk paradise, full of rhythmic melodies and chugging guitars that bleed just as much emotion as the heartfelt vocals. ‘The Heavy Stuff’ is just that, the heavy stuff, but in more ways than one. The album lends its name to its genre, it’s heavy pop. Crashing drums and rattling bass are the hallmarks of many tracks, when the guitars fill up the space they are full of grit and mould a melody out of pure power while smooth and clean vocals hit harmonies that are sweet enough to put in your coffee. ‘The Heavy Stuff’ also refers to the subject of the songs, what they focus on and from whence they draw their energy. It's an album that wears its heart on its sleeve and sings of emotions, relationships and letting go, all to the thrilling musicality of HOBART.

‘We Got It’ gets you going. It fires up your engine and rolls you to speed with guitars and vocals that punch the pop-rock sky. The drums are thick and beefy, the bass drum claps as the cymbals hiss over top. The melody is a hook that is honed to a point and polished to a gleam. It grabs onto you and never lets you go, it's all you can do not to get lost in the flow, but it's futile. You are washed away at the mercy of ‘The Heavy Stuff.’ It’s only just getting started.

‘Feels’ breaks the norm, implementing synth and piano in the instrumental to add an even heartier punch to the emotionality of the album. It's a hard break; one moment you’re rushing through sound at 100 miles per hour, and the next you stop dead to take in the meadow air and smell the daisies. It is a showcase of HOBART’s musical spectrum. Hard and fast? You got it! Slow and steady? Right there with you. ‘The Heavy Stuff’ pitches a balls-to-the-wall experience but it