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How I Learned To Let Go" by Fake Plastic: A Sonic Rebellion That Refuses to Be Boxed In

Fake Plastic "How I Learned To Let Go "single Cover
From Blues-Infused Riffs to Raw Vocals: Fake Plastic's single, "How I Learned To Let Go" is a Rock & Roll Experience That Defies Labels

"How I Learned To Let Go" by Fake Plastic: A Sonic Rebellion That Refuses to Be Boxed In

From the streets of Hamburg, Germany, Fake Plastic bursts onto the scene with their single "How I Learned To Let Go," a track that's as much a declaration of independence as it is a musical composition.

A Rock & Roll Experience

The single is a fusion of Alternative Rock, Garage Rock, and Indie Rock (to name a few) with a classic sound. Starting with a strong blues-infused riff, the progression finds itself accompanied by drums and a high-octave lead guitar that strums in to complete the trio of instrumentation. Taking on a feel-good vibe, your ears will ring reminiscent of bands from the 90s through to the early 00s from Offspring to Nirvana.

It remains clear that this is a song that is both heavy and soft in parts, making sure that it embodies all the features of classic rock whilst keeping the fun of Rock & Roll alive!

Fake Plastic Band
Fake Plastic Band

The Dynamic Duo: Till and Pete

Comprising Till on lead vocals, guitar, and bass, and Pete on drums, backing vocals, and production, Fake Plastic is a compact yet potent force. Their chemistry is palpable, both in their music and their shared spirit of rebellion. "Our songs transcend the worlds of imagination, poetry, and passion," they say, and this ethos is evident in this debut single.

Standout Elements: Bass and Vocals

While the entire production is a cohesive blend of various influences, it's the bass riff and vocals that truly stand out. Till's vocal delivery adds a layer of raw emotion, while the bass lines provide a rhythmic backbone that keeps the listener hooked. If you're in the mood for a track that's as unpredictable as it is engaging, "How I Learned To Let Go" by Fake Plastic is your ticket to a sonic rebellion that refuses to be boxed in.

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