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Ilan Bell's 'Anna' Showcases Masterful Pop Synth Songwriting

‘Anna’ from Ilan Bell is a moving pop synth song that pulls the focus back to the simple song. The textures, the beats, the melodies. The way that they play with one another and how that can bring forth an emotion. There is the focus, there is the brilliance.

Guitars strum in the middle, flanked by beautiful harmonies that pad out the sound space as they support the main vocal. The light moves when the chorus begins. You see more synth, more guitar. Snappy percussion rouses our ears as a chilled-out guitar riff fills the halls and you are hooked on that melody. Ilan Bell is proving to us what great songwriting can do. You take an emotion — an idea, a theory — and you work it down to its core components. Add some humanity and share it with the world. In this way, ‘Anna’ is a showcase of not only Ilan Bell but modern pop and rock writing as a whole. Masterful.


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