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Houston, United States

Illuminade intrigues listeners with his distinctly dark, moody instrumental electronic track 'Spoonflower' with its fierce sub-bass line and spooky psychedelic darkness. This independent musician from Houston, Texas specialises in the sound of experimental electronics and psychedelic rock to form his one-man band.

On a life mission to release one track per month is what keeps this artist going - an ambitious yet inspiring pursuit from Illuminade.

A haunting church organ along with bell synths urges the listener into a gothic feel instantly before bringing trap drum loops into the mix. There's a serious dark trap feel to this production, one that rests somewhere between God and The Devil. I love it. I would certainly use this piece as a basis for one of my songs and I'm sure that many others will too! This hypnotic piece will make you feel at home in the darkness whilst entertaining your darker thoughts.

Illuminade is certainly a producer that will impress a lot of trap and alt-rappers out there. If 'Spoonflower' is a small dose of Illuminade's growth then I cannot wait to hear each track that is released every month. MORE PLEASE!

How would I sum up this production in one phrase? DC MOVIE SOUNDTRACK - TAMARA JENNA

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