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IMXANDER (feat. Jomie) - Lose It - SINGLE REVIEW

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

IMXANDER (feat. Jomie)

Lose It

Mellansel, Sweden

'Lose it' is a lofi hiphop collaboration between 19 year old South Swedish born IMXANDER and artist Jomie. IMXANDER is a true producer on the rise. Having produced a variety of music over the last five years and testing out his vocal ability across the last two, IMXANDER has a lot to be proud of. His sound is mainly cemented in hyperpop and lofi music giving listeners a range of the super catchy to the super chilled.

The latest release from IMXANDER entitled 'lose it' is a beautiful chilled-out trap soul lofi production that will relax listeners. Autotuned emorap vocals make for a gorgeous velvet addition alongside a boom bap beat and bell synth keys. The lyrics address the fear of falling back into a dark place/depression after feeling ok for while - Once everything starts to feel better and you feel as though its inevitable that the cycle will continue. The way that these two artists complement each other's sound is simply perfect. I really enjoyed hearing the way that soul and emo rap have rooted themselves within the essence of this song.

'lose it' by IMXANDER and Jomie is a song that will impress emo rap lovers and lofi lovers alike. Keep your eyes on these two! - TAMARA JENNA


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