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IN Kelly's 'Sleepwalker': A Sonic Journey Through Dreams and Reality

Immerse yourself in the ethereal world of 'Sleepwalker,' where IN Kelly blurs the lines between waking life and the dreamlike realms of music.

Ethereal space. The flowing of sounds into new sounds. They grow and evolve and keep a semblance of their former selves beneath a wave of calm. Overtop, a beat. Fast and hard, it speckles the black sky with starlight and you watch as nebulas form about you. But you are not interested. Instead, you look to a soul, a person, and their story, their truth. You follow the melody through the black night and over into the colours of their song and you sit with them, close and honest. You are at peace. ‘Sleepwalker’ is a single from IN Kelly which paints vivid pictures without borders using a masterful and tactful musical sound. Each aspect of the single works with its partners. The bass is sublimating the guitar is helping the percussion is holding up the synth. What comes out the other side after this blending of noise is a song which calls us closer, holds us tight, and whispers in our ears.

The vocals on ‘Sleepwalker’ are insanely good in my opinion. To find a tone and melody to match this spacey and yet intense sound is a very difficult thing to do. But what IN Kelly manages to do is strike that balance with one deft movement. The passion bleeds through in little starts and then bends off, the melody flows in and out of intense moments and back into cool and stoic ones. It’s humbling, and when the vocal leads us into the chorus it’s all we can do not to get giddy and sing along. ‘Sleepwalker’ as a single evokes that unique feeling of semiconsciousness in a dreamlike state. You wake to colour, you slip back down into sleeping limbo, but all the time you are serenaded by silver music. A wonderfully enthralling song that will have me thinking for a long old time.

Genre: Ambient, Electronic, Dream Pop

Mood: Ethereal, Introspective, Enthralling, Peaceful

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