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Sardinia, Italy

Credit - © Abisso 2022




We're back with an absolute banger of an album! Italian duo #Abisso consists of the crazy talented - EryaV and D'avy. Their latest project entitled #SonOfAbyss consists of 10 short to mid length pieces that range from the super edgy to the relaxing and beyond! The project opens with #O. this piece comes in at just one minute long to offer a cinematic and edgy teaser into what the project entails. I was full of questions - Love it! #SonOfAbyss is a flawless continuation of what we hear in #O but this time develops further! We hear the sound of water, an eerie piano teaser and the sound of breathing. At this point I was truly intrigued! #Khobalto brings more elements to play from the sound of water to the whistling of the wind. Again, we hear an eerie piano melody that brings a sense of loneliness combined with power! Strings come in to offer that extra sense of cinematics in this piece. As the track develops further we hear the piano melody echo through the space of the track through perfectly balanced reverb! I'm loving the story so far! #Fragile keeps the sounds of the wind very much in the background of the piece in its beginnings allowing the piano to take full control of the listener. There's a sadness in this piece and although the track takes a turn into a higher octave, somehow I found this piece turn even sadder than in its opening. This is a highly effective piece I must say. #Sin.k.hope takes no time to bring in the cinematic elements. This piece needs to be in a thriller production, no doubt about that! #VeinedDeath is extremely scary (I had to force myself not to check the demon I questioned standing behind me). Impactful strings, distorted vocals, a happy piano loop with a twist. You get the picture? Watch out for that demon behind you. Made you look! #SubliminalWhisper opens with the sound of nature once more but this time what sounds like the popping of an open fire. I love how the elements are used within the artists' music, it takes it to a whole new level. This piece gave me the imagery of someone sitting in their living room playing a grand piano in front of a fire. Nice right? but, there is a turn towards the dark side! whispers that sound like a paranormal tape recording sweep the lower layers of the piece to make you question your own sanity. This is so moving and creative. I'm truly inspired. #Malik holds a sad tale. The use of piano has a feel of sadness and happiness, darkness and light, the ashes and the fight about it. I truly felt every note. #Vacuum continues a similar vibe but with the twist and turns of cinematic samples. The project closes with a track called #SoulEsalation. This concluding piece brings in a multitude of sound from a tectonic heartbeat to breathing to the sound of breathing but that is not all! We hear the beeping of a hospital machine imply death followed by the sound of drowning. This is a masterpiece from start to finish that combines so many sounds, feelings and expressions with one common theme. DARKNESS. Click the link below to hear it for yourselves and don't stop there! We have an exclusive interview just below!


Credit - © Abisso 2022




How did you choose 'Abisso' as your artist name? and what does it mean?

The term "Abyss" conveys a vast range of meanings; from the more

concrete (like the ocean seabed) to the more abstract ones (like the dimension inherent the

unconscious). Among the various characteristics, typical of each of these

realities, there is one, in particular, that unites them: the depth and it's just "over there" the

place where we come from, is located.

The name was born to express our visceral bond with everything that the abyss

contains / holds in itself and what, at the same time, annihilates.

The abyss is a cradle; is home.

How long have you been making music for?

The musical project has been "incubated" for long time, but only from May 9, 2022 (with

release of the album "Son of Abyss"), did it see the light.

Where do you want to be this time next year? - What were your instant thoughts? (No thinking)

We would like to be at home. About instant thoughts: chocolate, ice caves.

What has been your biggest artistic challenge to date?

To release our first album, being entirely self-produced.

Where do you see yourself headed as an artist?

We truly hope to evolve, refine, expand our project and to find someone willing

to "answer to this recall".

Do you play any instruments? If not, are there any you would like to learn?

Yes. We play piano, violin and drum.

What are each of your star signs?

D’avy’s sign is: Acquarius; EryaV’s sign is: Taurus.

What's next on the horizon for Abisso?

We intend to stay focus on "Son Of Abyss", for the moment.

For this winter, we expect to be able to release a second album.

Heartfelt thanks. 🌹


• Abisso •


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