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INTRODUCING - Foe - Diamonds (feat. Alina Valentina)



Diamonds (feat. Alina Valentina)

Tel Aviv, Israel

Credit - @amazytoon on Instagram




Tel Aviv-based artist #Foe released their single #Diamonds alongside collaborator #AlinaValentine back in May this year. The track takes influence from the darker side of musical expression from elements from dark wave, dark pop, and even rock pop. The track opens with a haunting synth melody and subtle percussion. As the track brings more elements into the mix, we hear the rock influence here - through heavy lead guitar, a more dominant drum composition, and 80s synths. The vocals by #AlinaValentine merge the track together with the sound of dark pop. The vocal effects are awesome, the mix is perfect and the way that the guitar solos break up the piece is genius.80s influence meets futuristic slap bass to lift the track even further. The guitar solos in the breakdown of this track work well with the remaining instrumentation before fading out. This is a great product that is catchy, nostalgic yet modern, and a true fusion of genres. I decided to reach out to #Foe to find out more about the track and further artistic direction in an exclusive TJPL NEWS interview special which you can catch below! Don't forget to stream this amazing track too by hitting the link below! I for one cannot wait to hear more!




When creating your single #Diamonds, who were your biggest artistic influences?

80's music (Depeche mode, Visage, The human league etc') and modern Synthpop (MGMT, Desire, Night club etc')

I definitely picked up on the 80s influence in the track, it works really well. So, what motivates you to create?

I love the sensation of finding a melody I love. It is very challenging.

How do you develop your artistic skills?

I try to practice songwriting every day. Either with Piano or Guitar. I try to utilize different techniques when writing (sometimes starting with a chord progression, sometimes with the melody etc'

What are your ultimate career goals?

Collabing with at least some of the names I've mentioned as inspirations :D

How do you collaborate with other artists?

Depends on the collaboration but in general, I like to have a very good idea of what I want with enough space for the other artist to do whatever he wants. If I come with everything ready 100% I can only do as good as I can but if you have more then 1 ppl you can do better ^_^

How would you define your sound?

I wish I knew. Every song is still a little bit different. I guess I'm still searching. I know I really like the "Italians do it better" sound but I'm also a sucker for very cheesy pop melodies. Maybe something in between?

What are your future plans? What can we look forward to for the rest of 2022?

You can never know what will happen, but best case scenario I would release an EP + Album and do a tour. Can't really ask for more than that ^_^

Where can we find the track? Links to socials and distribution handles




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