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Lisa Curran

Tralee, Ireland

Credit - Lisa Curran




Lisa Curran is a renowned artist from Kerry spanning many different genres. Lisa has a Bmus from the Cork School of Music, is a Vocal Coach and Music Journalist.

After sitting on the song for a while Lisa decided to release it independently and is hoping to show that the music scene is more accepting these days and it’s not all image! Lisa is autistic and a very vocal person about her life adventures, she recently beat a cervical cancer scare with lots of surgery and is powering through by diving into her art and this is the launch pad for the confidence to continue!

The song is ‘milkshake sky’ and is a song set to the poem by Farida Momtaz. It is a representation of an up and down relationship whether that be a love interest, a friend or a family member! Lisa was also one of the featured artists on the #1 supergroup single ‘embrace the world’ by Kevin Walsh which highlighted diversity especially in the autism community.

After hearing the song I really wanted to support Lisa on her journey for the talent that she holds and also spoke more about her artistry in an interview. So, first up, let's get into the review!




Milkshake sky opens with a dreamy synth pop vibe that is enhanced by the dramatics of strings. The vocal performance starts strong! The lyrics captured me instantly. A soulful vocal that highlights the meaning behind the song with great articulation. The lyrics "I'm flying in your arms" literally gives the feel that the artist is flying through the effects used and the vocal technique. This track is a classic example of professional mixing that not only makes the production effective on the ears of the listener but also matches the narrative of the song . This is a dreamy pop production with a relaxing feel to it. I think that this artist should be proud of her work and her journey and I wish her the absolute best on her life and musical journey. Definitely one to watch so click the link below, get Milkshake sky added to your playslists and show this artist the love she deserves for her skillset!


Credit - Lisa Curran




What would be your ultimate achievement for your latest single? Is there a particular vision that you had when putting the song together?

I would love for it to be a song people enjoy in a road trip, a pre drunks session or party! I’d love to do a remix of it too! Or see others do covers of it because they relate to it! I just wanted to show that pop is not just one repetitive sound, it has layers and many emotions come with one story!

If you could define music in one short sentence (no cheating) what would you say?

Music is therapy, it is what teaches true soul, mind, body and can mean something different to everyone! It’s magical!

When did you first realise that you had the potential to be an artist? Is there a memory that has stuck in your mind as the turning point for you?

I don’t know if I ever realised I could be an artists but I don’t remember a time I didn’t consider myself anything other than a singer or performer, it’s always been who I am! I think the turning point for me was when I had my son, I realised I could never push him to follow his dreams if I didn’t follow mine!

How would you define your sound?

My sound will always evolve! I have a background in traditional itish music, musical theatre, jazz and opera!!! So we’re going to keep moulding it all together!

This might be a tricky one but Studio vs Live - Which do you prefer and why?

I’m not sure, It depends on the genre of music being performed! I adore live but equally love the experimental factors of the studio!

How do you collaborate with vocalists and other artists?

I like writing and bouncing ideas with other artists!

If you had the opportunity to work with one of your favorite musical artists, who would you most like to collaborate with and why?

My dream artists are a bit manic, I adore Dolly Parton, Regina Spektor, Amanda Palmer, and so many more across different genres! I’d love to work with all of them! That would be some magic sound!’

What are your future plans? What can we look forward to for the rest of 2022?

future plans….. well, I want to get an EP together and play with my sound until then to see how it all comes together!

Where can we find the track?

Milkshake sky is available on all streaming platforms and you can follow my on Instagram @lisasrandomadventures



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