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James Spencer Emotionally Appeals to the Heart with New Folk-Rock Single, 'My Hand & My Heart

North Devon-based folk-rock musician James Spencer is back on the scene with a new single, "My Hand & My Heart," a follow-up to his successful album "Lucky Man." The new release, which is characterized by its Celtic edge and heart-tugging lyrics, has already been a hit with fans during live performances and live streams.

"My Hand & My Heart" is a testament to Spencer's penchant for crafting emotive songs that resonate with listeners. This folk-rock ballad combines mandolin hooks and sweet violin and flute phrases to create a rich, melodic sound. The song, written for a close friend, is a plea to those battling their inner demons, urging them to emerge from their dark abyss. In the aftermath of the pandemic and the mental health crisis it has sparked, the song's message of friendship and support is particularly poignant.

The accompanying music video, filmed in North Devon at the awe-inspiring 'Black Church Rock' and its surrounding woodland, is as evocative as the song itself. It follows the journey of Eloise, the friend for whom the song was written, as she finds herself lost in the woods, mirroring the song's central theme of mental struggle and hope for redemption.

Having recently returned from touring Belgium and Germany with the pirate folk-punk band JollyRoger, Spencer is now ready to bring "My Hand & My Heart" to a broader audience. The song's popularity at live performances indicates that this new single will be well-received by his fanbase and beyond.

Looking ahead, Spencer has an exciting year lined up. He's preparing to release several singles, including the foot-stomping "Black Dog," inspired by his feelings during the pandemic lockdowns, and "The Mayflower," a folk song about the Pilgrim Fathers' voyage from Plymouth 402 years ago. He will also be regularly performing both as a solo artist and with his other project, "Bicycle Repair Man."

"My Hand & My Heart" stands as a heartfelt, touching, and much-needed anthem for these challenging times. Its blend of folk, rock, and Celtic influences, coupled with its profound lyrics, showcases James Spencer's talent as a songwriter and musician, further solidifying his place in the folk-rock music scene.



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