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Jasi Bella's 'Places I Can't Go': An 80s-Inspired Synth Ballad That Echoes Heartbreak

The cover art for 'Places I Can't Go'
The cover art for 'Places I Can't Go'
BBC Introducing's 'Track of the Day', Jasi Bella's latest single captures the essence of love and loss, weaving emotional depth with nostalgic 80s pop synths.

JASI BELLA has been on our radar for a while, inspiring our listening experience with songs such as 'Claim Me', 'Breakup Honeymoon' and 'Rosaline'. Since first discovering JASI BELLA in 2023, we've seen a growth in musical confidence and a certain swag developed from the star.

Her latest release, "Places I Can't Go" takes form as an 80's pop synth-inspired ballad, offering a more vulnerable side to her artistic identity. Born and raised in Sweden, BELLA inevitably was heavily influenced by ABBA in her younger years. It is now through the use of incorporating 80's synthesisers into her music that we hear a likening between herself and her idols. Speaking about this, BELLA says "I had no idea what genre shift this song would take until I got in the studio with my producer, but I know I was after a more 'mature' sound compared to my previous singles. "

BELLA leans towards vulnerability in 'Places I Can't Go' as she pens her feelings fresh off the idea of heartbreak. Sentimental, her words express unease at the thought of visiting the places that she used to go when with her ex-partner. Something that stands out as bold is the fact that BELLA refers to some of the exact places that she can't go making it both vulnerable, real and healing-enabling.

Capturing the attention of the East Midlands where those places are located, resulted in a win for BELLA in the form of BBC Radio Leicester's 'Track Of The Day' not long after release day.

So, what's to expect from 'Places I Can't Go?' Well, synths come in heavy from the off, highlighting the 80s theme instantly. The song reminds me of the heart of 80s synth pop merged with the tone of Miley Cyrus and the sass of Kesha's older releases. It's an interesting mix of nostalgia and mix genres swirled into an unforgettable song with a massive TikTok potential as well as a radio-ready sound for all to enjoy.

Genres: 80s Pop, Synth Pop, Ballad

Moods: Nostalgic, Reflective, Vulnerable, Bold

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