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Mr. Strange

Rhode Island, United States

If you’re after some alternative music or interested in Jenn’s original take on lust and identity, then make sure to check out ‘Mr. Strange’! - AIMEE STOKES

Alternative/ pop artist Jenn vix’s new track ‘Mr. Strange’ gives an interesting take on her experience with a male blow-up doll and uncovering the effects of sexual desire.

The anonymity of ‘Mr Strange’ was a clever artistic choice, as the ambiguity of his identity helps connect the listener to their own ‘Mr Strange’. It draws upon themes of uncertainty and this act of putting up an idealised façade when overcome with feelings of lust. The musical components are quite spooky and eerie in nature, which is quite fitting for this time of year. This was achieved through the dissonance in the high ringing of the melodies, which served to keep the track in a constant suspenseful nature, leaving the listener on edge throughout which made it more of an interesting and enjoyable listen. Jenn’s unique artistic style help support this creepy nature of the song. Her strong vocal range, allowing her to tackle quite high and low ranging harmonies really elevated a sense of suspense throughout.


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