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"Colorado" by Jennifer Alvarado – A Melodic Journey Through Country and Pop

Cover art for Jennifer Alvarado's single 'Colorado,' featuring a vibrant and picturesque design that captures the essence of the song. The artwork showcases scenic landscapes symbolic of Colorado, blended with musical elements, reflecting the harmonious fusion of country and pop in the track.
Cover art for Jennifer Alvarado's single 'Colorado'
Jennifer Alvarado Captivates with Her Pop-Country Single "Colorado"

Singles are a wonderful way to get to know an artist. You can flicker between many styles and many musical ideals all while staying with one individual. It usually takes a few singles to fall in love with an artist, but not in this case. Jennifer Alvarado’s ‘Colorado’ took me by storm. It’s poppy in the flow and the beat, the rise and fall of the melody is great. We jump up to the chorus and fall back down to the verse. The textures, however, come from the country family. The guitars bend their strings, the bass walks the line. There is some papery percussion that cuts the chaff and the vocals saunter rather than stroll. It’s a combination that works time and time again. Here, Jennifer Alvarado nails it to perfection.

Promotional photo of Jennifer Alvarado
Promotional photo of Jennifer Alvarado

It’s the start of the song. ‘Colorado’ tunes you in some, but you’re still not sure what you’re going to get. There’s a flight of whimsey as the beat kicks in sharp, a flow of melody as some guitars start to play. Once we’re rolling we don’t stop. Passing by grassy dunes, flows of cattle, and high white clouds that string on forever. There’s a gorge, a dip, and in the background, framing this wondrous image, a flowing line of mountains. In time we’ll reach them. We listen to the world around us and take in the journey. That’s the feeling of this track. It’s honest, caring, and so full of life. It banks with emotion in the verse and piques with power in the chorus. Wait for the bridge and you’ll get a stellar guitar solo and then a heartfelt close to send us kicking.

‘Colorado’ is a track that stays with you for weeks. Its rhythms sit so close to one another, its melodies melding to create one harmonic country classic. Smoking.

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