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Jenny Räisänen's 'Arctic Fox': A Global Folk Odyssey in Song

Jenny Räisänen has colluded with the Folken gods to give us a single so sweet it is unreal. ‘Arctic Fox’ is a smashing show of worldly indie power. With folk ideals spanning the globe, reaching from Northern Europe all the way to Ireland. The breadth of the sound is breathtaking. It flies to great heights as it takes form in the bass, a thrumming amalgam of all that is good in the world. The mids swoop and turn as the vocal begins to sing a story. ‘Arctic Fox’ is strong, resilient, and cements itself into your head as fast as any great folk song can. It plays with pride and passion and never gives up the goat. This is a golden song worthy of that modern classic label, powered by an honest and stalwart vocal.

When that chorus first hits your ears all understanding goes out of the window, you stop thinking about the song and you start feeling it. Jenny Räisänen captures meaning and emotion so potently in her music that it is impossible not to collect some as you dive in. The brightest waves of colour, the fullest flavours of folk. ‘Arctic Fox’ is a single that lives and breathes, it flows with the grace and power of a dancer. This is a song you watch rather than listen to and it is a joy to glimpse its journey. Fantastic.



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