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Jeremy Parsons' 'Humanity' – A Genre-Bending Musical Masterpiece That Dazzles the Senses

‘Humanity’ from Jeremy Parsons is a golden song; in texture, performance and melody. The rise and fall of the track harkens back to country influences. There is power in the vocal which brings an honest quality to the soundscape. The instrumental starts out simple, sitting in folk but swinging over to pop now and then. But there is a shift, a change, and the whole track comes together. The percussion fades in all at once, it’s futuristic, almost industrial. It brings a charm to the music, a playfulness. The vocals jump on and fill gaps in the beat - the colours in the sky glow with vibrant pulses. The whole world turns its head, so that ‘Humanity’ can light up the eyes.

Jeremy Parsons has delivered a single that builds on itself again and again. It’s indie, it’s country, it’s folk, but most importantly it is a smashing tune that breathes a sound all its own. Fantastic.



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