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JERUSHA - Monopoly



NYC, United States

Credit - Sergy Babcock, Tony Pracek

Jerusha’s latest single brings it big. ‘Monopoly’ is an R&B powerhouse defined by Jerusha’s standout vocals. The song is tonal, feels the beat and runs with it. The open is quiet, quaint. The Vox stand sentinel in the dark, a soliloquy of sound. Then the beat hits and the song blows open. The world turns neon, the horns in the front and the sub-bass in the back. It's all thick, it's all harmonic and it all works to send ‘Monopoly’ deep into your psyche where it will stay for weeks and weeks and weeks. The lyrics keep you in the mood, the song shifts to a darker trap tone for a bridge before blooming into colour once more.

A fantastic track. Through and through. ‘Monopoly’ would feel at home on the billboard top 10. So go on and get it there. Grab your phone, and get it playing. To quote the fantastic Jerusha, “Come on let’s play ‘Monopoly.’”



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