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Jessica Terrell's 'Mesmerized': A Smooth, Upbeat Indie Pop Track That Sets Your Rhythm on Fire

If you can be sure of one thing today it should be that Jessica Terrell know’s what’s up. The latest single from the indie pop artist, ‘Mesmerized,’ is a smooth-flowing upbeat track that builds complex rhythms through layers to create an addicting soundscape. Plucked guitars fill the backdrop as Jessica Terrell walks out from behind the curtain, full of colour and power. The fire in the lyrics starts small, just an ember, but the instrumental gives that ember so much kindling that it goes up in a flash. Before you know it the red-hot swing of the chorus has got you hooked. You’re dancing to the beat, humming the tune — it has become a part of you.

When pop artists find their niche their music tends to take an upward hike. For Jessica Terrell, it feels as if she has always known her rhythmic niche, and has lived in it all her life. ‘Mesmerized’ feels endlessly natural and human in all the best of ways. With banging vocals and little bouts of harmony to add some spice pairing beautifully with the beat, this single is the perfect indie pop track to jump headfirst into. So, in lieu of the classic saying, absolutely do take my word for it. This single will better your day and many days to come. Wonderful!



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