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JEWELIA - The Comfort Of Falling - LATEST RELEASE


The Comfort Of Falling

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Andy Denyer

London-based singer-songwriter and producer Jewelia has had an incredible music career to date. Setting the bar for female self-produced music, she has received love from her increasing fanbase. With over 1.2 million views on her YouTube channel and over 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify it is easy to see why Jewlia is an artist who is truly on the rise. Her previous supporters include BBC Radio Kent’s Dominic King, BBC Introducing’s Abbie McCarthy and Amazing Radio’s Charlie Ashcroft to name a few with Abbie McCarthy quoting "Something special" .

The latest release from Jewlia entitled 'The comfort of falling' marks the release of a track from her latest album 'Strong in My Own Way' which was freshly released on 25th November.

With swaying vocals from the start, Jewlia's vocals make an impact on listeners instantly. The acoustics enhance the track to lift the song in the places that need it. The song is a reflective one that touches on the life choices that the artist has made whilst questioning whether or not she would do anything any different. I love the way that the track intertwines the calmness of acoustics with the clashing of the mind!

'The Comfort of Falling' was inspired by the fig tree metaphor in Sylvia Plath's classic novel 'The Bell Jar'. - A dark and genius novel at that!

A BRILLIANT release from this up-and-coming Londoner. Jewlia is certainly One2Watch!- TAMARA JENNA


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