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Change The System

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Credit - Julien Noma

‘Change the System’ is a beat wave dance instrumental from the up-and-coming producer, Julien Nona. Its sounds are from the future. They take on an otherworldly property that you can tag as being from Earth, but perhaps, not from our time. The track grows, it doesn’t build or layer, it expands. It feels like the world stops around you as you shoot forward 80 years and experience the cool heat of space as it glides by an interstellar club that orbits the moon. Julien Noma is known for taking sounds and inspirations from all aspects of his life, this time I feel he has looked forward, and it works.

The track comes in 3 sections. It delivers an idea at the start, a melody or a new instrument. We then play with this idea, it goes far away, its velocity shifts or its weight changes. Just when we’ve had all the fun we could have, looked at this idea from every possible angle. The sound halts, but it doesn’t stop more - hibernates. Then the next idea is presented, it's new and glowing. Ripe for experimentation. ‘Change the System’ goes from being just a song name to a task. It's what we as listeners are being made to do!

‘Is that old? Ah! Change the system. Here, that’s better.’

Julien Noma’s musical work is rhythmic, beat-heavy and profound in its conception. You would do well to give it the time, as it will give you far more in return.


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