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Los Angeles, United States

‘Situationship’ is the latest single from Kaleigh, a vocal powerhouse. It's heavy, it's loud and it's rocking. A blend of Kaleigh’s previous work meets a brasher sound, one that makes use of chugging guitars a sub-bass that’s rich and complex and clashing drums that punctuate every note. ‘Situationship’ sits in 00s rock territory, giving feelings of Paramore and Evanescence while keeping Kaleigh’s unique vocal tone and songwriting style. It's a harmonious courtship that has culminated in a song that is wonderfully heavy and grooving.

The song opens with a rapture. The bass and drums clash in the deep, guitars slide in from left and right and then spark the sky as the sun sets and the night, held aloft, is turned crimson. The melody is quick and definitely gets those shoulders moving. The vocals chime in as the instrumental drops out, the guitar chirps in the gaps and the bass keeps things square but the focus is on those vocals and their duet with the drums. They weave a melody that glides on moon-silver-light and crashes into a huge chorus. The build-up is bass-rich, the guitar cycles a drone as the drums crash, the quick melody comes back and all stations go.

A bright, heavy single that is deserving of your attention. Yearning for new rock? Well, there’s a lot on offer here in Kaleigh’s ‘Situationship’. - FREDDIE MCKEE


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