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Chez Moi

Cologne, Germany

Synthwave and electronic instrumental music need not be solely about the melody. They can subvert the norm and parley with deep emotional and world-bending topics and in the case of synth wave in particular; its textures and melodies are especially well suited to portraying our conception of the coming future. This is exactly the direction that kmalectro has taken with their single, ‘chez moi.’ A single that pushes a beat and throws a melody at you that is more of a lasso than a hook because of its infinite pulling power. Once you’re in you realise that things are speeding up to the point of discomfort. You no longer recognise the world, yourself, or the people around you.

‘chez moi’ is an instrumental essay on the effects that progressing robotics and AI could have on humanity. The genius of kmalectro was to hide it beneath a beat you can’t help but dance to. Just like the robot uprising, it happens right under our noses.



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