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KOBURG - Strike Back (Twisted Version)


Strike Back (Twisted Version)

Winchester, United Kingdom

Melodic metal and astounding vocals shine in Koburg’s single, ‘Strike Back’. Whatever version you are graced with on the single (and I strongly suggest all of them), the sound is full, blissful and tonal. It's rock, it's metal, but it is not heady, not pompous. Koburg’s strength is not losing themselves in the woes of metal music. Yeah, you could slam a 5-minute solo in there, you could scream those highs and hit them. But does it add anything? ‘Strike Back’ is trim and true, it's catchy, heavy, and most importantly, musical.

Koburg has been on the scene a while and we can only hope that they remain on the scene for a long while to come. The distinct power of the output is what sets their sound apart for me, and it is happily present in this single. The vocals rise, hit highs and hit harmonies to pump the sound even further. The guitars chug and weave melody in soft patterns, hitting bass notes and high notes, switching between running alongside the low-end melody and running against it. The percussion ties the whole thing together. Its smashing highs and thumping lows are perfectly captured and produced in ‘Strike Back’ adding just another facet to its already full tool belt of metal mastery. If you’re any kind of rock fan you’ll be doing yourself a favour by checking out all of Koburg’s discography, it's all sublime metal and it's all so well done. ‘Strike Back’ is a highlight on a chrome-plated thrash guitar of awesome, and it doesn’t get much better than that …

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