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KURST - The Oracle


The Oracle

Toronto, Canada

Credit - Red Skye Visuals

Rap fits the bill. It feels the mood and shifts to it. Rap can rile you up, get you excited, calm the mood, or console you when you need it. It's fluid, it's flexible, and there is perhaps no one as fluid and flexible as Kurst. His latest single, ‘The Oracle,’ is another track in a long line of hip-hop rap hits that make up his discography. It's hard-hitting, full of amazing samples and ingenious ideas. The vocals drop in hard and fast, they hold a presence to them, an attitude. They know what they like and they’re out to get it. The lyrics are quick, witty. Listen real close and you’ll catch movie references left right and centre.

I love it when an artist can meld their passions into one cohesive movement. Kurst does this with sound and screen. His music is influenced by movies and you can feel it. It's homely, comforting, but also groundbreaking and new. ‘The Oracle’ is a calamitous rap track. Look out, we’re about to get Kurst.



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