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Las Vegas Star *Giada Valenti* joins TJPL NEWS to talk about her release 'Every Time'



Giada Valenti

Las Vegas, United States




Las Vegas star #GiadaValenti has released her latest song entitled #EveryTime. When speaking about the inspiration behind the track she told us that she "wrote the song in honor of all the people in my life that are always there for me, in good and bad times. All those people that are always one phone call away, one text away, one message away: my family, my friends, and my fans, my amazing Circle of Love." You can catch more about that in our #Exclusive #TJPLNEWS interview but first let's go through the track!





#EveryTime by #GiadaValenti is the ultimate unplugged piece that will start your morning right. The track is packed with luscious male and female harmonies that compliment each other in a way that is heartwarming and velvety on the ears of the listener. One thing that I love about this piece is that it isn't a massive production. In this piece, you can find the work of Paul Umbach, who has worked with artists like #BritneySpears, #NSYNC, and the #BackstreetBoys as well as Dutch composer #RobertFisher, and lyricist #BruceSmith. In this collaboration that is packed with talent, the listener is swept along in the waves of gorgeous acoustic guitar solos and progressions. When combined with the harmonies it creates a production that is powerful without being overbearing or complicated in a swirl of pop meets country. I loved this one.




What would be your ultimate achievement for your latest single?

I would love to reach as many people as possible that would relay to the lyrics of the song. We all have people in our life that are there for us 'Every Time' we need them. This is a song for them. To thank them and to let them know we are grateful for them.

Is there a particular vision that you had when putting the song together?

More than a vision I think it was a need. I was moved by a need to communicate this feeling I had of gratitude. We often love and care for someone without saying it much. We often hear love songs for a lover, this is a love song for a lover but also for a friend, a family member, someone that is there to help us, to pick up the pieces when we broke down, those special people always a phone call away. Those people that makes us feel strong and secure just by knowing they are in our life, even when they are far from us

I had written the song years back but during COVID I started to sing it to my fans on social media and so many of them where like “I wish you had that song for me to play for my friends, husband, wife, neighbors” ….and so I recorded and release it…I wanted to be simple just like the message.

Music in one short sentence (no cheating) what would you say?

I love the no cheating LOL …. Music is many things…. but if I had to choose one, with no doubt …. Music is medicine, is sanity.

One artist you would bring back to life?

Freddie Mercury and Karen Carpenter.

When did you first realized that you had the potential to be an artist?

I’ve been told that I could sing and write music notes before I could write words. That I was entertaining strangers on our summer’s camping holidays.

I only recall being very happy to sing and perform. And I was happy to see that people were happy to see me do that… so I guess I’m just lucky that what I love so much brings joy to others. Even if many artists forget it, this applies to everyone: without an audience that loves our music, we would all sing in the shower alone.

We should never forget that….

I learned that also from the great producer Phil Ramone that I was lucky to know and work with for a project just before his passing. I was singing the song “Caruso” and he got emotional. I remember saying to him “Thank you, I’m touched that you shed a tear for my version, when you just probably heard the song sang by a super famous singer yesterday” He had just worked with Pavarotti. He replayed “You don’t need fame to be great, you just need a moment of luck. And remember it’s never the other way around, no matter what people think”. With his 14 Grammy Awards he was one of the kindest people I knew and surely the humblest.

Is there a memory that has stuck in your mind as the turning point for you?

Maybe when I started to play with a group of friends in a band as a teenager and we decided to write some original songs to add to our show.

To sing something I had written was kind of awesome. Probably then and there. I always loved music as much as I can remember. Being able to write my songs and communicate my messages has made music personal, indispensable, liberating, magical. And so much fun.

Do you play any instruments? If not, is there a specific one that you'd like to learn?

I play piano, just enough to write and I’m learning guitar…. I would love to play cello…. love the sound of the cello.

How would you define your sound?

I’m not a belter. I can sing high and powerful notes, but I rather love the sound of my lower tones. Everybody is so busy doing those riffs and sing loud and high nowadays.

I do not sing to impress anybody. I sing to tell a story, so I use my voice to tell it.

I’m a pop singer that loves to sing songs that tell stories with lyrics that people can understand. Since in the USA I fell in love with country music. The pop/rock country music. It’s more about the songs, the lyrics than the production and the special effects on the voice. My sound would be pleasant with understandable lyrics. It could almost be a new Grammy category LOL

What's the story behind your artist’s name?

So, when I moved to the USA from Europe, I was invited to by the team of Clive Davis in NYC, they thought that my name Cristina was too common. And they had a few Christina’s already on the label, being Christina Aguilera and Christina Milian.

So, it became Giada. I worked with them for a few years, but it never came to a signing. I decided to stay in the USA as an independent artist and kept my changed name.

What is the biggest challenge you've faced as an artist?

Survive and find creative ways to promote my music. You need as an independent artist to stay focused on making music and perform. Of course, it not easy if you have a full-time job. So, making money to survive and create new music that’s a big challenge. And when you are able to create good music, you need to be creative, with little money to reach and find your audience.

On top of that I’m difficult to categorize, I think. They often ask, “She sounds like …”. I don’t think I sound like anybody.

Which is a positive thing as all great artists are unique. But not so easy for an independent artist trying to break in when you different I love to sing good songs, but I love pop, country, rock, Italian, Spanish, French music…. I speak all those languages and I’ve been influenced by all those different music….so my music is a mix of all…. it’s just me…

What are your future plans?

Surely keep writing and releasing new songs every few months. I am working on finishing a Christmas album that I recorded during covid with some amazing musicians and with the Royal Philharmonic of London. That is part of a big project with want to create around the Holidays with even a Christmas tour. I love Christmas and how we all feel around that time of the year.

I‘m working on a music special /documentary. And I’ve been offered to be the presenter of a very entertaining and different cooking show. One of my passions, besides music is also food and cook.

I’m also working on recording a few nice duets. And I’m starting in a few weeks my own podcast entitled Giada “The Sound of Food”.

What can we look forward to for the rest of 2022?

More music and a few concerts and a trip to Italy with Fans and Friends this October. People can join me if they want still a few spots available. I’m so looking forward to sharing the beauty of my homeland with them. People can check the itinerary on

Where would you like to be 5 years from now?

Still here, happy, healthy doing what I do…. but with a much much bigger audience for my music and my message.

Where can we find the track?

@giadavalenti25 (Instagram)



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