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LASTEST RELEASE - Neepz and Kabasi collaborate to lift each other up in new single


Soul Steady Rock

Los Angeles, United States

Credit - Sam Bryar

Neepz and Kabasi collaborate to lift each other up in this newest single, ‘Soul Steady Rock’. The song is joyful and thick with Caribbean funk and reggae roots, wrapped around modern tendencies like strong sub-bass and chipper drum tones. The vocals are smooth and playful, Neepz and Kabasi bounce off one another, throwing vocal chops behind stellar harmonies. The instrumental is warm and drives a vibe that says, ‘Throw off your week and dance!’ The message in this single is to listen for those things that make you or break you and take them in your stride. With the chorus chanting, ‘Soul steady rock!’ A mantra for the ages, the music steels your soul and warms you like the sun. The bridge breaks up the Caribbean medley and slows for a bit, letting the beat sink into our bones, before lifting up the jive once more to a play-out that unfortunately must end.

You can however stick ‘Soul Steady Rock’ on repeat and relive its warm acoustics and bass over and over and over! The match between Neepz and Kabasi is timeless. You should definitely check out this single. If you love good music you’ll love this.



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