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Feel My Heart Sleeps

Sydney, Australia

Credit - Sophie Joyce

#BLOODYARVO is a four-piece rock band from Sydney, Australia. #FeelMyHeartSleeps marks their debut single so make sure that you get familiar with their style! Speaking of style, this track is unique in the way that it defies genre specifics. Earlier, I described them as a "rock band" but they are not a typical rock band. #FeelMyHeartSleeps initially brings dream pop and psychedelic funk to its listeners before transitioning effortlessly into a heavier indie rock-inspired production and then back into the funky guitar riff packed production. This has got to be one of my favourite pieces so far this week! The guitar solos were so good they almost hurt!

#FeelMyHeartSleeps has a dark tone to it despite its feel-good production value. The lyrics are a cry for help whilst being stuck in a cycle of self-destructive behaviour to act as escapism. When talking about the inspiration behind the piece, the band stated that "It was a product of the isolation and depression frontman: Ariq experienced during 2020 lockdown. He spent hours in the shower coming up with song ideas to escape his current reality. Being apart from his bandmates, he spontaneously recorded all the instruments himself in his bedroom."

This production is the model example of how music can be used as an outlet for pain. This piece has done something unique, it holds its meaning whilst still offering an uplifting feel to listeners, something that is difficult to balance. 10/10.



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