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LATEST RELEASE - E!ENA - Bittersweet



Burlington, VT, United States

E!ENA is an artis fresh out of Burlington, VT, United States. "Bittersweet" is the title of her latest single which encompasses the feelings of anxiety and relief that comes with understanding personal identity. E!ena is the vocalist and guitarist on the track whilst Seth Sylvester accompanies on drums in the single which was released on the Friday just gone.

Now, if you're a lover of alternative pop with a rock twist then you will love this one! "Bittersweet" begins with an intriguing bassline that soon develops into a full blown production that is fuelled by a stunning vocal performance. Wow.

E!ENA has a soulful yet angelic innocence in her vocal tone. The backing harmonies add that little extra swayworthyness to the piece! I think that the way that this production has been put together showcases something very special in the artistry of E!ENA. - TAMARA JENNA

Around midway through the song the composition changes, making way for dominant guitar riffs and compositions that lift the track out of its origins and into another realm. "Bittersweet" rests somewhere between pop, soul, rock and experimentalism making E!ENA a definite "ONE2WATCH" So, make sure that you hit that button below to check her out for yourselves! and hit that follow button too, I wouldn't want you missing out on what the future holds for this artist.


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