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LATEST RELEASE - GLOOMY JUNE - Black Sheep (Metric Cover)


Black Sheep (Metric Cover)

San Francisco, United States

Credit - Sara Arnold

I hope you’re ready for some funky rock because Gloomy June is and their new single, ‘Black Sheep (Metric Cover)’ is a diamond in the rough of new indie rock. Its pulsing throws of drum fills mixed with the power-hungry guitar and bass combo have pushed the vocals to new heights, laying out a fantastic rock song for us. Gloomy June are tight, punchy and tonally complex and they showcase themselves beautifully in this newest track.

The opening is imposing, almost sinister, a guitar roars looming in the darkness, flexes its mullet and nods its head. Before the beat drops in and we get the groove in an instant. The bass powers through the opening melody and lives on into the verse that ebbs and flows with crashes of sound that line up with the vocals. The chorus is massive and the drums are doing a lot of work in the back, successfully keeping together the guitar and bass that drive the vocals as well as the new addition of some electric sounds to pad out the space. The vocals are clear and ready for power. Some vocalists falter under the pressure of such a big sound but Gloomy June nailed it. ‘Black Sheep (Metric Cover)’ is a work of rock and roll through and through. Its darker tones lend it to the heavier side of rock taste but I think everyone would appreciate a little of what Gloomy June is cooking.



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