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LATEST RELEASE - JONNY ONG - Don't Wake Me From This Dream


Don't Wake Me From This Dream

London, United States

Jonny Ong encompasses themes of indie and rock to deliver feelings of nostalgia in ‘Don’t Wake Me from This Dream’. The contagious nature of the song lies in those intricate musical elements which sets out an unforgettable melody line. There is a constant theme of distinctive guitar chords in the chorus, really lifting you off your feet through its lively and fun execution, and it is this effect the track has on the listener which gives it that rock feel and elevates the importance of not wanting to be awoken from feelings of nostalgia. The bridge section takes a more melancholic and darker tone, as if, for a brief moment, the listener has slipped out of their dream and into a darker realisation of consciousness. However, this is swiftly followed by a transition back into more uplifting melodies, but this time with slight undertones of jazz through the addition of groovy piano runs and saxophone. It is the songs message of nostalgia and reflecting on key moments in our lives which makes this track an unforgettable listen.

The ability of Jonny to fuse this meaning in with the musical elements is what makes this a relatable, yet musically satisfying track. - AIMEE STOKES


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