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For The Last Time

Naples, Italy

Credit - Marco Carotenuto photographer

Naples-based alt-folk/Pop artist NINNI is back with his latest relaxing release ‘For The Last Time’. The song is a personal one for NINNI and for many others who are dealing with grief. Addressing the notion of helplessness, ‘For The Last Time’ speaks of strength in times of pain. Making the statement that pain cannot be avoided but makes us stronger, in the long run, NINNI uses his musical sound to impress listeners with his purity in a way that speaks to the soul.

Acoustic guitar plucks pave the way for a calming melodic production that acts as a lullaby whereas the vocals of NINNI are a mix of soulful and experimental. This song has the experimentalism of jazz and Spanish guitar in a swirl of complete originality.

There are some similarities between NINNI’s song here and the work of Tiny Tim’s ‘Tiptoe Through The Tulips’ in the way that the vocal scales transition, along with the folk inspiration of plucks (although different instruments are used). Combine this image with the vocal tone of James Bay and you have envisioned this track.

Although the song is short, coming in at 1 minute and 45 seconds, the message and emotion behind the song stand strong.

NINNI is an artist to look out for, I haven’t heard a sound like this before.


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