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Where Do We Go From Here

Beirut, Lebanon

#Sandmoon is an indie folk/rock band led by Lebanon-based musician Sandra Arslanian. Their latest release entitled #wheredowegofromhere is not just another song, it is a message of understanding and comfort to many. The piece addresses the mental deterioration that develops as a result of the cruel illness of Alzheimer's Disease which unfortunately is not a rare occurrence. As I'm sure many of you know, it raises questions of identity by both the sufferer and those dearest around them. When talking about these crippling times Arslanian explains that "When we’re lost, we turn to someone we trust to guide us. When that person we trust the most is lost due to a mental condition like Alzheimer, she can no longer guide us in the real world; yet she guides us within, to our hearts.” Where Do We Go from Here’ was written during the first COVID-lockdown when spending a lot of time with her mother - who has Alzheimer’s. Further explaining how her perceptions and life around her had changed, Arslanian reflects on "entering her (Mother's) world where facts and figures don’t matter, where emotions are the center of everything, took me on a journey within and made those tumultuous times more bearable.”

The title of the song hit a nerve within me before I had the chance to hear the piece. "Where do we go from here?" is a question filled with existential dread, where minimal comfort is found in the answers that present themselves within the realm of Alzheimer's Disease. Speaking from experience, "take me home" is a common phrase that is heard one too many times too often from a sufferer of this condition. Once listening to the track I had a preconceived reality of my own to contend with that pulled me into every single note and lyric that is present in this piece. I'm not ashamed to say that I cried. This is a song that I truly feel, and I know that this song not only acts as an outlet for Arslanian but it also provides a safe space for people in a similar situation to feel a sense of understanding and a place where they can break down in solitude.

As a member of Sandmoon, Sandra Arslanian has put her pain and vulnerability into the world through this song. It is the sign of utmost strength and deserves all of our respect regardless of whether or not one can relate. I think that this piece is hauntingly beautiful. - TAMARA JENNA - TJPL NEWS



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