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Red & White

London, United Kingdom

As the world cup is fast approaching all the chants of years gone by are crawling back up out of the deep dark corners of England. Well London artist Laza! has thrown their hat in the ring to provide something fresh that could become one of the songs of the year with their track ‘Red and White’. This is through and through a football anthem designed to bring all supporters across the land together, from both the catchy chant and the creation. Co-written and Featuring Jim Pinchen, along with a variety of people cheering along from up and down the country, from pubs to community hubs, home studios to youth centres, this track has created unity out of the desire for this country to win this prestigious championship.

Utilising the recognisable stadium-style chants from days gone by this artist has combined the familiarity of a crowd setting with some important messages of togetherness. There is a simple but uplifting backing track, utilising string instruments, and an amazing choir to convey this extremely supportive message. The vocals layered over this simple soundscape also maintain a nice familiarity, delivered in such a way that would enable you to hear your brother, father, or uncle through those words.


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