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Lethia's Natorium Releases Cinematic, Cerebral Single 'Inner Child (Tepilunia Soundscapes version

Lethia's Natorium 'Inner Child (Tepilunia Soundscapes version)' album art

‘Inner Child (Tepilunia Soundscapes version)’ is a cinematic and cerebral single from Lethia’s Natorium. It’s a track that creates its own diverse world. Where colours fly through the air like songbirds, and clouds sit to listen to the waves. The song climbs; pianos and strings form soft melodic steps towards the heavens. Synths break the chain but fill the gaps. They add to the depth and allude to something more. But before an answer presents itself, the vocal steals the show. Light, feathered, harmonic. Multiple golden layers fill the space, conducting the melody and commanding the song. It floats higher, into the sky you watch the trail go, leaving sparkles in its wake.

Lethia’s Natorium has created a cinematic pop sound that grabs you with its mystery. You never know which way ‘Inner Child (Tepilunia Soundscapes version)’ will turn next. A melodic enigma. This single is a song you take with you. ‘Inner Child (Tepilunia Soundscapes version)’ keeps your emotions safe, holding them tight against its chest. Helping you along the unsure road that lies ahead. A sonic friend of emotional expression.


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